jeudi 13 octobre 2011

SaabWorld Marketplace for private and commercial sellers

The new SaabWorld Marketplace has been in place for a little while now. Most of the bugs have been worked out now so it seems appropriate for an introduction to our members.

I have been visiting Saab forums to check their advertising/classifieds forum to look for cars, parts or other Saab items. Usually, easy searching for only the items you want is nearly impossible. Many items are old or sold and you have to spend a lot of time to sort through all the threads.

Each country has its own Saab forum so it is very difficult to find something like a Saab 99 brochure anywhere in the world, a red Saab 900 convertible anywhere in Europe or a Saab 9000 transmission in the USA. The SaabWorld Marketplace tries to bring sellers and buyers together from all over the world.

The Marketplace is available for private and commercial sellers free of charge. Most forums don't allow dealers to advertise their used or new Saabs or parts but we think this is a benefit for both dealers and private buyers. Wouldn't it be convenient to easily search for a 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X anywhere in Europe offered by Saab dealers? If you place ads as a Saab or other car dealership, please make sure to create an account with your dealership name so it is easy to identify.

There are many choices to advertise and search for Saab items. The only way to make this successful is to start posting any Saabs or parts/accessories you may have for sale. Wanted Ads and Auctions can be posted as well.

As there is no cost involved, your only investment is a few minutes of your time. SaabWorld is run by enthusiasts and we aim to serve the Saab community without commercial exploitation. We spent quite some time on the design and setup of the Marketplace and it hopefully will benefit many Saab enthusiasts and dealers.

Please visit this thread for a guide with the most important features:

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