mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Saab 100,000 fans on Facebook!

We will soon reach 100,000 fans!
We like to celebrate you and our cars by asking you to share your Saab photos on the wall, which we will then include in a special Saab mosaic picture. You can submit an image to the page and include the tag “Saab100K” in the description. You must include the “Saab100K” wording with the photo and in doing so, you’re permitting us to use the image for the purpose of this mosaic, which will be made available for download and/or use via various Saab media channels. Share as many Saab car photos as you like and after we reach 100,000 fans we will share the mosaic picture!

Visit Inside Saab for the full story!

1 commentaire :

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