mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Victor Muller : "Youngman Pang Da & Lofalk ont saboté l'affaire "

Victor Muller doubts that GM will ever accept a Chinese Saab business. According to him, sabotaged Youngman, Pang Da and Guy Lofalk whole business when they went from the original plan. It says Muller in an exclusive interview with Teknikens Värld.

On the way home from Britain hits Technology World Erik Gustafsson, an unusually outspoken Victor Muller. The gate at Heathrow Airport, the plane to Stockholm, he says frank about Saab's situation. - This is how it goes when you put his partner in the back, says Muller continues: - The deal was long time and the arrangement with a Chinese stake 54 percent were approved. Then began administrator Guy Lofalk run government affairs, to persuade the Chinese to a 100-percent ownership stake and GM slammed on the brakes. Late yesterday evening, Swedish time, had GM in Detroit, a further meeting on Saab's future, but Victor Muller strongly doubt one acceptance. - I understand GM fully, it is clear that they do not want to jeopardize its market in China. But right now I understand the other side is not why the Chinese continue to pump money into the company. As the situation is, it just means to put money into a black hole, without getting anything back. The relationship with GM is so damaged that they (Youngman and Pang Da) can not even go back to the original plan. While he acknowledges that the situation is tough, he means that there is a solution. He can not tell you how it looks, but he promises to fight till the last. - If I doze off Saab disappear in an instant.

Victor Muller doute de l'aboutissement des négaciations menées actuellement entre Pang Da , Youngman & GM .Selon lui Lofalk , les chinois ont saboté l'affaire en s'écartant du plan original qui se basait sur 54% des parts vendus aux chinois au profit d'un plan à 100% des parts qui a fait se braquer GM  .A ce stade des négociations , VM affirme que l'argent que voudraient injecter les chinois dans Saab est de l'argent perdu , jeté "dans un trou noir" .La relation à GM a été abîmée et revenir au plan original est maintenant inconcevable .VM ne peut pas dire ce qui va se passer maintenant mais il promet de se battre jusqu'au bout .Si je m'endors maintenant Saab pourrait disparaitre en un instant .

Source : teknikens Värld

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