lundi 17 février 2014

Classic car of the year: Saab 99 Rally replica

Turbo victory!

Erik Uppsälls rally equipped Saab 99 Turbo won the Swedish classic car magazine: Klassikers competition, Classic car of the year 2013! Klassikers readers have spoken. Winner of the title year's Classic was by far Erik Uppsäll and his Saab 99 Turbo.
- It's fun, says Erik. It's have been a hard job to make it a rally car but it has been worth it.
It is not the first victory trophy as Erik Uppsäll receive, in the garage you can find trophies of various sizes and tightly packed. He began rallying in the mid -1970s in a Saab V4 and has been the model faithful - for a couple of years ago when he decided to trade up to Saab 99. Saab's original factory team exists only a few cars, Eric's car is built afterwards, but after the homologation documents.- Saab did not have much money then, says Erik. The cars were built by hand with many borrowed parts. Rear brakes were taken from Porsche 914 - they wanted to handbrake would take the back wheels. The injection came from the Porsche 928.

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