mardi 7 juin 2011


Back in February, Spyker sold its sports car division (Spyker Business) to CPP Global Holdings Limited, a company owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov, in order to focus exclusively on Saab operations. We also learned that the Dutch automaker would soon change its name.

Today, the switch became official: Spyker will be called Swedish Automobile and referred to as ''SWAN'' at the stock exchange starting June 15. 

A partir du 15 Juin prochain , Spyker Cars , propriètaire de Saab Automobile AB , deviendra officellement Swedish Automobile .Cette nouvelle appelation aura comme diminutif SWAN .

2 commentaires :

  1. Hope SAAB China can start faster. I saw one in Shanghai was replaced by Jaguar last October. It's very bad when you saw that.