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Meeting Saab en Forêt Bavaroise 10-12 octobre 2013

Saab Meeting in the Bavarian Forest – 10th to 13th of October 2013

Après le grand succès du premier meeting Saab en forêt bavaroise (notre article ici), la 2ème édition est officiellement lancée par Mathias et il souhaite qu'il y a encore plus de nationalités représentées cette année. L'accueil et l'organisation exemplaires sont garantis!

Le programme en anglais figure en-dessous. Pour ceux qui préfèreraient lire en allemand, Matthias pourra vous naturellement l'envoyer (son e-mail en bas de post)!

Saab Meeting in the Bavarian Forest – 10th to 13th of October 2013



From 10th to 13th of October 2013 a Saab meeting with international participation isat the Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle near Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest for the second time. The meeting is open to all Saab Automobiles from all model years.
The meeting will start on Thursday, 10th of October 2013, the first day is without any Saab program.
This day is intended as an additional day for Saabfans (maybe some of you have a long journey to Viechtach), the official program starts on Friday afternoon. The meeting ends on Sunday midday / early afternoon.

  • Participants have to make their accommodation booking directly at theSchnitzmühle. After receiving your booking confirmation the participants have to send a separated registration form by mail or email to me (see registration form).
  • At the Schnitzmühle the following accommodation options are available:
  • Singleroom/Doubleroom, 2 persons Lodge, 4 persons Lodge (different discount isoffered for adults and children at the 4 persons lodge). Rates for the rooms are described on the Schnitzmühle website or you ask at the hotel office (one night with breakfast and dinner costs in Single-/Doubleroom 61 EUR / person / day).
  • Beautiful Campsite (you can also stay in a tent, come with your caravan, ...)

Please include breakfast and dinner buffet with your booking!

All rooms and beds at the Schnitzmühle during the meeting are reserved for Saabfans. Please say, that you want to go the “SAAB MEETING” when you do your booking.

In the morning there is a healthy breakfast buffet and in the evening the participantsenjoy together on Friday a grill BBQ buffet and on Saturday a Thai-Bay buffet.

  • After your booking at the Schnitzmühle is confirmed you need to send me a separate registration form to the meeting by mail or email. 
  • Participants will receive all the needed information about the meeting regularly by email or telephone in exceptional cases.

Planned program (voluntary participation):
  • 2 driving tours with short tour stops (Friday - short tour / Saturday - big tour)
  • Saab zone with all the participants and visitors Saabs
  • Saab Rally History
  • Saab market
  • Presentation of “Saab treasures” (models, brochures, rarities, …)
  • Bongos Beach Bar (open evenings - heated outdoor bar)
  • Train traveling with a historical train on Sunday -
  • Outdoor program with Hajo Bach -
  • free use wellness spa pavilions (whirlpool, steam bath, aroma sauna, ...)
  • surprises
  • many leisure opportunities

  • The meeting costs per person 5 EUR (children up to 16 years pay half price), which are transferred in advance or can be payed in cash at the meeting. The meeting is not for profit and there are maybe other costs for voluntary participation in normal range (admission, train ticket, outdoor program, ...).
  • Anyone who wants can buy a memorabilia of the meeting.
  • Any money excess of the meeting goes to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.

More informations:
  • The visit of the meeting is at own risk. :D Also men/women/children/partner who are non Saabfans should feel comfortable at the meeting. There are many leisure opportunities.
  • All other information will follow to all registrated participants in emails before the meeting.

Questions can be submitted at any time to me by email:

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