jeudi 18 août 2011

The Only Uno is for Sale

This is a little bit offtopic, but i think its an intresting project that never happend...
The only Uno001 is now for sale, its newly restored, so its in good shape and its for sale for 155000 SEK = 17500EUR

More historic:
UNO 001 was the name of the only produced car from the planned UNO project, to create a sportscar made in Linköping Sweden. The project started in the late 80s with a budget of 3 million SEK, and backing from several strong financiers.
They managed to the Uno 001, but then something went wrong.
The car is made of steel tube frame with body parts of steel sheets.
Much of the parts used to come from Saab, including the mid mounted Saab engine.

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