samedi 27 août 2011

Exclusive new colours for the 9.4X

The 2011 Saab 9-4X is officially available in these 4 colors: Birch White, Diamond Silver, Moorland Bronze and Zodiac Black. The Saab dealer Just Saab in Ohio received two 9-4X in the unique colors Ice Pearl and Atlantic Blue. Ice Pearl seems similar to Birch White in pictures but I imagine it has a really nice and deep shine in sunlight. Atlantic Blue is a welcome change from the neutral gray, brown, silver and black you see on almost every car these days.

Both these Saab 9-4X were part of the Saab Cars North America fleet. This Atlantic Blue 2011 9-4X is the only one in this color and the Ice Pearl Metallic 2011 9-4x is one of only 2 or 3 of this color in North America.

See more pictures on the Facebook page of just Saab: link. Many thanks to Just Saab for sharing these pictures, I am sure these two will be sold pretty quickly.

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