samedi 6 juin 2015

Saabfestival 2015 - Trackday Kinnekulle

The Saturday at the Saab festival started very rainy, after a few hours the rain ceased. The sun was trying to show, but didn't really did it as long as i was there. A few companies had a display on the side of the pit, Maptun was one of these.

As usual the cars was released onto the track in model groups, by the speaker Saab car museum super attendant Peter Bäckström.

Is always fun to see cars from all over Europe roll in to Kinnekulle ring, and all has one common interest, Saab!

See more pictures on my Flickr photostream:

Lets hope for some more sun in Trollhättan tomorrow! If you are one of these that will attend the car show tomorrow, see you there!


1 commentaire :

  1. Il a l'air de faire un temps bien pourri :(
    Comme le dit Robert espérons que le Sun sera là Sunday :D