mardi 31 mai 2011

Interactives pictures [Saab inside] by Peter Green .

Peter Green is a young talented russian creative web designer . He now lives in the San Diego , CA where he works . His vist card is impressive with customers like Mac Donald , GM , WWF or Saab . Very differents customers , what means that Peter can adapt his sense of creation to any topics .What interest us here is his work with Saab Concept cars like the AeroX and the 9.X .

"I made them in 2009, during my work in an agency. The idea was that the animation was done inside your head, instead of using Flash technology, so the illusions were used to animate the Turbo Space (Saab’s slogan). This was a pitch project, which Saab accepted. The Idea belongs to Grigory Sorokin, my supervisor at that time, and the reason why we chose Saab is mostly because the idea fitted their “turbo space” concept well J. What else I can say about this project is that after working for a few months with illusions, trying to figure out whether “It moves or not”, I learned to see differently, and still get a weird feeling sometimes that something moves when it doesn’t, especially when it’s a high-contrast pattern. I must have gone a little crazy."

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Peter Green est un creatif web designer russe qui reside aujourd'hui à San Diego en Californie où il travaille pour des clients serieux tels que Mac Do ou WWF . Les images ci-dessous créées en 2009 sont motivées par l'envie de reconstituer une interactivité sans effets spéciaux particuliers .L'effet d'image mouvante est variable selon les sujets qui les regardent .Les images qui nous interessent ici ont été faites autour du concept de Turbo Space qui est un slogan Saab .Ces images constituaient un pitch que Saab a validé .Cette experience fut enrichissante pour Peter qui s'amuse à constater qu'avec du contrast on peut faire bouger une image immobile .
Cliquer sur l'image pour l'agrandir - Click on the picture to enlarge .With the kind permission of Peter Green

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