dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Belgium by Saab Tour South

Belgium by Saab Tour South

Program of the Day 1 Wednesday 1st of August 2012

Welcome and lunch at Ikea Hognoul.  10:00-12:00 Ikea, Porte de Liège 7, B-4342 Hognoul

 Trip in group to Liège.  13:00-14:00 Meeting point parking: boulevard de la Constitution

 Visit of “The great Curtius”* the new historical heart of Liège with more than 7000 years of art and history.  Address: Quai de Maestricht, 13- 4000 Liège

 Visit of Public Transport Museum of the Region of Liège or shopping in Liège:  17:30-18:15

 Rue Richard Heintz 9, 4020 Liège (Museum)  / Bd. Raymond Poincaré, 7 4020 Liège(shopping)

 From Liège to Huy.  18:30 At the latest (at you better convenience you can follow me in convoy or  by another route of your choice- two main road and a motorway goes to Huy- around 40km)

 In Huy you can register at your campsite, hotel or B&B.

 Meet at the “LUTETIA” 34 rue Neuve 4500 Huy for the evening dinner at 19:30


* Discovering 7000 years of art and history.   THE NEW HISTORICAL HEART OF LIÈGE

More than 5200 items displayed in chronological or thematic order.

Multilingual virtual guides (images and text).

Prestigious collections from the archaeology, decorative arts, religious art and Mosan art museums, as well as the weaponry and glass museums.

Located in the historical heart of the Ardent City, the Grand Curtius offers a fresh perspective of the city, houses gardens and a cafeteria that are open all year round.

Located in the Vennes-Fétinne district, the Public Transport Museum is a place for learning, remembering and reminiscing. Housed in a restored former tramway depot, forty or so vehicles – including carriages, trams and trolleybuses – retrace the history of mobility from the 18th century to the present day. The exhibition is also home to numerous historic objects and documents. The tour will appeal to real aficionados and the general public as well as to those with a taste for nostalgia.

©Etienne Morsa Saablog-in (saabhuy) for Intsaab2012 organized by saabclub.be

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