lundi 9 avril 2012

The dream of TTA became a nightmare!

He is driving a Saab 9-3 in TTA, he is Jan "Flash" Nilsson and now have an unexpected opening for factory support for the team. Its two interesting company that want to buy Saab, he says.

- In normal case i am very stressed at this time, and then i use to work to get the car ready, but now its to arrange the TTA, media and developing the chassis.

He got information from Saab a few days ago, he don't want to reveal which the companies that is interesting in Saab is, and he don't want to hope to much, but its seems promising!

- They are interested of the racing team also, flash tells us, and tells that Saab has collected information about the team to use for bait for the interested companies.

How it started with Saab?
- In 2002 we were supposed to be Saabs factory team in WTCC, Europe. They had recently launched the new Saab 9-3 Sportsedan. But 3 days after the contract was written on, they had a lot of layoffs.
I called Peter Augustsson and told him we shouldn't do it... In 2007 we tryed to do it again.
I have always liked Saab!

Do you have any factory support now?
- When we built the cars, we had it. But not after the bankruptcy.

He got his nickname "Flash" for his fast overtakings on the go-cart track.
Now you can think that he working with the dream project- to start a new racing-series, - NO its more a nightmare. I had a dream that STCC would understand my visions.
Flash and several other drivers wanted Stcc to change the regulations to the Dtm similar Solution-F, but Stcc didn't want to change it to that.
The Flash and his colleagues started the breakout series TTA.

Before the season it has been a battle about Drivers, tracks and racing classes.
TTA won the challenge about the Gothenburg city race.
Is it war between TTA and Stcc?
- I can only speak for me, and i don't have a war, i am very busy to start a team. We are looking on were we are in three years, we have cool fast cars with the best drivers except Rickard Rydell.

But weren't you and the owner of Stcc Rickard Pålsson friends?

- Yes, we bought Stcc together, i ahd a vision to make more of a sport, and him to make money.
I sold my share in 2008.

Was it you that started TTA?
I reading that its Flash series, but i have just trough, we are several teams and organizers.

Are every car similar under the shell?
- Yes

Is this the most advanced racing car you have driven?
- The Volvo S40 i drived on the 90th s is more advanced but it costed 100 miliions to develop.

Is the best driver going to win TTA?
- Yes, maybe not the fastest, but the best.

How much does the TTA cost?
- The whole TTA have invested 100 millions, we have 18 new cars, and its probably only Formula 1 and Dtm that doing something similar.

Are you continuing in many years ?
- I dont now, this year it have been a nightmare. it have been so much bullshit, attacks and they have calling my sponsors.

What are you most happy in your career?
-When i won the Renault Spider in monaco 1996, because it was Monaco and tht they had collected the best drivers in Europe.

Is the Swedish King coming to the TTA premiere in may?
- I dont now, i have invited him trough the prince Carl Phillip.
Its coming a lot of others, the interests is very big.

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