mardi 21 février 2012

Saab fans enjoyed Iceracing on the Acksjön lake in Sweden!

Its the second time Lollo Uhlin arranged this ice racing on the Acksjön betveen Ekshärad and Hagfors In Sweden. Its 14 cars on the lake, but i can promise that it could have n´been a hundred, but then its going to big arrangement to arrange. This is on a good level, Everyone can drive as much as hey want.
Thanks to the high revs the small cars deliver a fantastic speed feeling, this although the topspeed on this track was a bit over 100 Km/h.
These cars are one piece of the Swedish history, a history as i and many else think its worth saving, saying Jens Jacobsson from Hammarö.

Fredrik, who runs a fully equipped Saab sport, which he also competed in the Midnight Sun Rally with, would not really have to be on the meeting.
- They did not want to have any real rally cars here. But my wife, who received an invitation to come here with her Saab, was unable to attend, and then I could take her place.
There is no longer plenty of good Saab 96 with two-stroke motor for sale. Approximately 10-20 000, can you expect to pay for an item. A Saab Sport can cost50-250000 dollars.
- Prices have risen in recent years. before was old Saabs really cheap, but now they are on a more true-adapted level. What we have seen lately is that even the old 900Turbo soared in value, says Fredrik Ekendal.

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