vendredi 3 février 2012

DI.SE: Saab could be sold partly(split)

DI.SE: Saab could be sold partly(split)

The bankruptcy trustees have plans to split Saab instead of an complete solution, this confirms by Lars Holmqvist CEO CLEPA.
The bankruptcy trustees may have a lot of conditions that makes a complete deal impossible, among others, the former owner GM must approve a sale.
Lars says that he have not heard his information from the trustees but his sources is reliable.
Lars also questions the need for approval from GM, when the possibility to produce the current 9-3 without the approval exists.
The motive that the trustees have is that they need fast money to the bankruptcy process.
Lars Holmqvist dont like the solution to sell part of saab, the best way to get back money is to sell the complete company!!!
The trustees main solution seems to be Baic, staring an elctric cart production in Trollhättan, or that Geely is aloud to start an technical development center in Trollhättan.
One source tells that the partly bids is of more value that Youngmans bid.

Zamher ahmid spokesperson of brigthwell holdings, says that they are waiting for an signal from the trustees, when they have that they are going to place a bid for the whole saab.
Nothing else is interesting for us, the employees, or the buyers of cars.
He also says that he has not received any signals about selling saab i pieces.
Brightwell Holding discussions with Gm continues he says, i am very pleased with how these discussions proceeds.

Mahindra from india does not want to comment anything about Saab.
Also the trustees Hans L Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux is completely quiet about the situation, says that they are not going to comment anything during the salesprocess.

We have to hope that this is rumours.

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