dimanche 11 décembre 2011

Saab France gathering , December 2011

11.00 am, 
Place des Invalides, 
temp 4 degrees, 
60 cars –Saabs from 900 i8 to 9-5 NG incl 9-3 Independance edition, 
Cars from France but also the Netherlands and Poland
nearly 100 people, 
Glögg and … 
an extremly friendly and warm atmosphere from the people who wanted to show their full support to those in Sweden working hard to make it happen.

Text & photos : C.Makowski

Plus de détails sur SAABSUNITED.FR

4 commentaires :

  1. Well done all of you who braved the cold.

  2. Quelques phtos supplémentaire ici :

    Longue vie à SAAB !!!

  3. Glögg servi par P. Van der Meulen voila ce que j'appelle du service client ;o)))
    Ambiance très sympa pour cet instant trop court.

  4. well done saab france!!!