mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Excellent edito de Jean-Remy Macchia sur France Info

It's the first time this has happened in the world of the automotive industry: a manufacturer makes dying another one , he now heads under water - deliberately - until it asphyxiation to follow.
This is exactly what happened to Saab with General Motors.
GM has owned Saab for 20 years.
20 years during which Saab - though small in the automotive world, and had succeeded in developing a research departments the most advanced in terms of engines - 20 years as General Motors has gradually pushed down Saab.
But for 2 years, Saab has been sold. To a small Dutch manufacturer - Spyker - which, as was feared, was not strong enough financially to the rescue of Saab.
And since then, GM has worked to make life impossible for Saab. For months, Chinese buyers were candidates to take over Saab. And restart the activity - by injecting 550 million euros in the case.
But everything fell apart by the veto of General Motors, who did not want to see foreign hands on the technical platform of the new Saab 9-5 - developed in part by the Swedes, but during the time when Saab was owned by General Motors.
The U.S. giant has buttressed its position. And industrial property rights relating to the foundations of the self.
General Motors prefers to kill Saab, rather than accept, even, to receive royalties for the right to exploit this basic technique.

Conspicuously absent in the story is the Swedish government. Which has absolutely done nothing to help in the rescue of Saab.
While 3,200 direct jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs are at stake which is huge across Sweden.

Then the question arises: what can the future hold?
  Is  a resurrection possible? It is rumored that other buyers would be in the running ... But it would take a miracle.
That said, this adventure is already so unique - including a manufacturer gives birth to two stillborn models because another industrial forbids any chance of survival! ... - All dreams are possible! ... But unlikely.

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