vendredi 13 septembre 2013

3rd European saab meeting Huy 2013

To recall this gathering is free without prior registration!

However for those who want more, there are opportunities to book a meal on Saturday evening and Sunday evening and also some souvenirs as commemorative rally plates and t-shirts.
Saturday evening meal: 45 € (communication "Saturday")
Sunday evening meal: 40 € (comm. "Sunday")
The commemorative plaque + T-shirt: 17 € (comm. "base pack")
Both meals with plaque and T-shirt: 95 € (comm. "Premium pack") or the plate and the  T-shirt for FREE!
Plaque and T-shirt on the spot the day of the event 12 € each.
All reservations must be paid for October 20, 2013 to E.Morsa via paypal

or IBAN: BE37 1030 1833 8728 Bic: NICABEBB

2 commentaires :

  1. Bonsoir Etienne,
    J'ai payez pour 2 personnes pour manger le samedi soir. Mais ou est ce que l'adresse pour manger?
    Peut etre publier pour tous les autres personnes.

    1. Bonsoir Luc,

      Je réponds pour Etienne : le restaurant est : O'Malley avenue des ardennes Huy
      A bientôt