mardi 19 mars 2013

Henning Solberg drives Saab in Rallcross EM!

Henning Solberg is driving the Rallycross EM premiere in Per Eklund's Saab.
As we now Petter Solberg is building a rallycross citroen, now he is being challenged by the older brother Henning, when he is running the EM premiere in a Per Eklund-Saab.
- I think it's a winning car, says Henning.

They working hard in the garage in Arvika to get the car, a Saab 9-3, finished to the season's first European Championship rallycross race at Lydden Hill in England during Easter.

- Henning called me last week, the day before yesterday (Sunday), I had only a painted body, says Per Eklund, and he says that the car should be ready in time.
- There will be a new engine and all. I can not organize any bus, but that has Henning fixed.
Henning hires the Saab of Eklund. Its the same car as the Swedish drifting star Samuel Hübinette ran successfully in the Global Rallycross in the U.S. last year. Henning Solberg signed up at the last minute last weekend to the rallycross EM premiere.
It will be the first time he and Petter compete against each other in rallycross.
Can you challenge the little brother?
- I'll try, but it will be tough.
Henning has the advantage of having competed in rallycross before. He is still competing in rally.
- Rally is still my first priority, but I have not decided all the competitions yet.
Why did you choose Per Eklund's team?
- Because they are good at their stuff. I think I have a really good team around me.
Henning is interested in both the European and Global Rallycross. he is not sure which races he is going to race yet .
- The goal is to run a few races. In Norway and Höljes, I will surely run for Per Eklund, the races do not collide with the World Rally Championship.


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