mardi 22 mai 2012

Un nouveau candidat mystère pour Saab nous apprend ce matin qu'il y aurait un nouveau candidat déclaré au rachat de Saab. Ce candidat de la dernière minute serait basé en Chine. Peu d'informations mais toujours selon, il s'agirait d'un nouveau constructeur chinois qui aurait pour objectif de s'implanter sur le marché européen d'ici 2015. Son nom : Qoros Auto. Ce sont donc 4 candidats que les administrateurs devront départager dans les jours ou semaines à venir .

 We learn this morning from that there would be a new candidate declared for the purchase of Saab. This last minute candidate would be based in China. Very few informations are available but always according to, it would be a new Chinese manufacturer that would aim to enter the European market by 2015. His name: Qoros Auto. So these are four candidates for receivers who will decide within days or weeks.

4 commentaires :

  1. Erik Geers now works for Qoros, doesn't he?

  2. Found it:

    The former Security Officer Per Lenhoff and information director Eric Geers from Saab Automobile go along with a number of other former Saab engineers to the new Chinese car brand Qoros. The brand is owned by Chinese Chery and Isreals largest holding Isreal Corporation. A person who played a key role in recruiting the former Saab-chief Roger Malkusson writes TTELA.

  3. Well done Frank ! Thank you for this precision ;)

  4. It seems that Qoros has not produce any car yet and despite all the qualities its offer can have I'am afraid it is a big weakness compared to offers from real" car makers such as Mahindra.

    Even if this new brand will sucesfully launch ew cars in the future, I am afraid it ezminds what happened with Hawtai: great expectations but eventually only on paper...

    Who lives will see