vendredi 20 janvier 2012

Message of hope for Saab

Dear Mrs Pouteaux and Mr Bergqvist ,

this message is not a spam but a letter written by a Saab fan among the hundreds thousands Saab fans through the world .
I'm writing you because I would like to be sure that you are conscious of the responsability you have with Saab .Our passion , one of our reason to enjoy life and to feel good is in your hands . And it's not a joke but a serious big love affair . We are in love with Saab .And you have the chance to save our dear Saab by approving the right project with the right people .
So we really count on you to give to Saab the best and a second chance to survive , exist and devellop by itself with its own strength and talent .
Please don't let Saab down and don't break our hearts .

I am personnaly confident that you will find the best solution but at the same time worried when I see the Saab Bil Museum sacrified .
But I still hope that the new owner will like the tragedy we live since almost a year now .

You have the privilege to have the posibility to make a lot of people happy and not only in Trollhättan .

Save Saab , this brand has a bright future and it will be good for Sweden .

Thank you very much ,

greetings from France,

best regards ,

JF Bouvard

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  1. De rien , ça ne coûte rien , mème pas un timbre et ça peut rapporter gros hihihi