dimanche 8 janvier 2012

GM feels "guilty" and has a great commercial idea ! Buy GM .....

It seems that General Motors is feeling a little guilty for how things went down with Saab, but just a little guilty. GM will be contacting 70,000 plus Saab owners and offering them the “GM Saab private offer” to help quell any negative feelings left over after the closing of Saab’s doors.
The incentives won’t be huge, but may be just enough to convince some consumers to replace their old Saab with a new GM product. The Saab private offer listed on the GM website is as follows:
Beginning January 4, 2012 and continuing through February 29, 2012, select General Motors SAAB customers are eligible for the SAAB Private Offer off the purchase or lease of new vehicles.  Refer to program 12-40CR for official guidelines and vehicle eligibility.
SAAB Private Offer:
• $250 Chevy Equinox, Sonic, & Volt, GMC Terrain, & Buick Verano
• $500 all other Buick, Chevy and GMC vehicles
• $1,000 all Cadillacs, Chevy Corvette, Avalanche, Silverado, and GMC Sierra
We will have to wait and see if these meager offerings are enough to swing some favor in the Generals direction.
Apparently they didn't understand our messages saying that we hate them and won't never buy GM again . This offer is so cynical . 

GM via son site General Motors SAAB fait des offres spéciales à l'attention des saabistes afin de leur proposer des remises sur des nouveaux véhicules GM .On croit rêver !!!!!!

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  1. I'd love to tell them where to put their "offer" but that would be rude and unladylike

  2. Let's stay quite polite but slightly firm and without any discussion possible : Go to hell, GM!

  3. Parfaitement exact ...
    un de mes amis directeur d'une sté de cosmétique japonaise très connue avait commandé un break 9.5 comme voiture de fonction ....
    Il roule de puis plusieurs mois en OPEL INSIGNIA et a été "conduit" voire "forcé" à passer commande d'un break INSIGNIA

  4. I think we shall be moderate in expressing our point of view about GM behaviour. Therefore I should not express how these incentives from GM makes me feel.

  5. just Boycot G.M. is all I can say

  6. GM thinks the public are as stupid as they are.
    We are many, we are SAAB.

  7. Talk about GM missing the point. Reminds me of the expression "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play."

  8. Cynical...This is exactly the right word....