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16 years old and he already have 5 Saabs

Despite Saab's setbacks refuses Oscar Karlsson abandon marque. He is only 16 years old, but already the owner of five Saabs!
- There is something special about Saab. The cars have a soul and I like that.
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Love for Saab is deeply rooted among the Swedish people. We love the little automaker that for so long has contributed with their innovative technologies and their slightly different design.
Oscar Karlsson from Torsby really love the cars from Trollhättan.
- Yes, I was only twelve when I got a Saab 9000 by my Dad. The car had been standing because of a little problem with the engine. It was of course nice to get a car and it was so my interest in Saab began, says 16-year-old Oscar.

Now owns Oscar Karlsson another and very special 9000 that he found at a workshop in Torsby a couple of years ago. There is a Saab 9000 Turbo Sport T16 from 1992.

- It is the precursor to the Aero and the car has a special engine and was produced only in 180 cars. Now there are only about 50 cars left, I have heard. I have, changed the clutch and brakes on it and a few years ago I got a photo of a similar car by Jan-Ake Jonsson, who was then president of Saab, which congratulated me as the owner.

It was something that increased interest in Trollhättan pride. An entire cabinet in the house in Torsby is now full of Saab stuff and that includes everything from old automotive magazines to manuals for the latest models.

Got hold of the first owner

- There is something special about Saab. The cars have a soul and I like that and they are very comfortable to ride in. Meanwhile, Saab has always been ahead of its time with technology. I really hope that production will continue despite the bankruptcy.

Although Oscar still has a couple years away from taking driving license, he has not been satisfied with one car.

- Two years ago I found a green V4 96: a 1973 on the internet.i bought it in Borlange, but the car was purchased new by an older man in Lidingö that I got hold of the phone.We talked a bit and then turned out that we have a birthday the same day, on April 22! He thought it was very funny that the car is still rolling.

9220 th Saab

A real object is Oscar's oldest car, a Saab 92B Deluxe in 1954.

- It's a lot to do with. Only the 9220 th Saab since the production start and I know anyone who has owned it. The 92 I have purchased from my grandfather's brother Kjell Karlsson, who had the car since the early 1970s. The goal is to have it ready when I take the student a few years.

The car collection includes a 1997 900 Turbo, which serves as a reservdelsbil and a Saab 900 2.3 in 1996 to serve as normal car when Oscar Karlsson takes license in a couple of years. There is obviously something he longs very much for.

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  1. Quel bel exemple de précocité

    J'ai offert une vw 1200 1969 vert grenouille à mon fils lorsqu'il avait 16 ans
    Aujourd'hui il en a 4, en plus de son break 95
    de 1969.