samedi 16 mars 2013

Saab Viking

Have you seen the Saab Viking before?
It was a concept car from the italian design company Carrozzeria Fissore, designed by Tom Tjaarda, the same designer which has designed the De Tomaso Pantera.
This car was built in the middle of the 80´s, Its based on a Saab 900 Turbo chassis.
Its a bit different with a saab that have pop up headlamps.


3 commentaires :

  1. I like it ! Never seen before , thank Robert for this document

  2. Je l'ai jamais vu avant non plus mais je m'en porte pas plus mal.
    Elle fait un peu fuego en moins bien je trouve ;)

  3. Thanks: I never heard about that Saab before. It is very streamlined andmakes me think of the Isuzu Piazza from the same years (but from Ital Design)
    Fissore is not well known but in the middle of the 90ies this company produced a large SUV called Rayton Fissore and having a look of a big Fiat Uno which reaches the size of a Range Rover.