mardi 10 janvier 2012

Saab veterans is ready to save the Saab museum

Saab veteran Association are very concerned about the Saab museum, and are worried that the collection will be splitted, and they want to save Saabs car museum, the veteran association consists of retired Saab employees and their husbands and wifes.
The association has wrote a letter to Paul Åkerlund, mayor of Trollhättan, Tore helmersson, Innovatum and Gert Inge Andersson, president of the regionalboard of västra Götaland.

The proposal the veterans have is that The city of Trollhättan and Innovatum buys the museum, and the members of Saab veteran association is ready to work voluntary without salary for the museum.

3 commentaires :

  1. Good idea, hope they are successful

  2. On reconnait bien là la mentalité Scandinave, BRAVO !