mercredi 10 août 2011

Intsaab Finland report from our friends Nicolas & Ellen

This year the International Saab Meeting took place in Finland, an event we absolutely didn’t want to miss.
Our trip started in Riga- Latvia where a friend was waiting us up with one of his Saabs we could borrow from him. The dark green 900 Turbo S from ’93 was for the occasion decorated by Olafs and Valts from Autodizains , 2 Saab enthusiasts also from Riga.  It would become our promotional car for Intsaab2012 in Belgium during one week as the Fins also organized a pre tour starting on Tuesday in Espoo.  During 4 days we discovered nice places in Finland and had a lot of fun. The weather was excellent, the company was good, and our trips well organized. 
On Friday the ‘Yesterday Finland Today Pre Tour’ ended with a visit to the
Valmet Museum in Uusikaupunki where many Saabs who were produced there are exposed. 
The meeting itself took place in Ellivuori, at the same place as 10 years ago.
A well chosen location with plenty of possibilities, and here again we can resume the job the organization did in one word: perfect !

Here are the links to our pictures:

Kind Intsaab regards,
Nicolas & Ellen

3 commentaires :

  1. Wooww nous sommes gâtés !! Merci !! On sent au travers des photos que c'était une réunion des plus réussie . Bravo aux organisateurs et participants !

  2. Oui en effet Jeff, aussi bien le meeting que le tour étaient vraiment exceptionnels.
    Ce ne sera pas facile pour nous de venir l'an prochain après un meeting d'un tel niveau.

  3. je ne suis pas inquiet et reste certain que ce sera un succès total en Belgique .En tout cas je serai là !