lundi 22 août 2011

Erik Carlsson remembers

‘The cars were put back to standard after the rallies, and sold as used cars,’ says Erik, ‘but the rally bits were kept. Saab asked me what I would like as a present. “A tractor,” I said, “preferably a Massey-Ferguson.” But this Saab is very nice.’[...] ‘Normally I kept to 7500rpm: “Don’t go over that or you’ll blow it up,” they said. But in Monaco one year I had to use 9000rpm going down to the Station Hairpin in second gear, to keep ahead of Böhringer’s Mercedes. It didn’t blow up, though.’[...]About the Spa-Sofia-Liège. ‘We were awake for 100 hours continuously, 94 of them driving. In our Saab we had to go flat-out the whole way, with just an hour’s stop in Sofia.’

Great article published by Octane 

credit photo : Peter Robain

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